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Discover luxury 'camping locations near me' and around the world! Find the best places to camp when you book a luxury travel experience. Discover amazing glampìng locations to enjoy family vacations, the best romantic getaways, or the most incredible trip with friends. Do not miss the best vacation spots in the world to go glamping!

Spending time in the great outdoors, this is glamping. Making new memories with friends and family, this is glamping. Finding comfort and luxury where you least expect it, this is glamping. We think everyone deserves to enjoy a getaway so memorable that it changes the way they want to go on vacation.

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Best glamping locations and outdoor, luxury vacation rentals worldwide!

North America

Glamping North America

With a combined land area of 7.72 million square miles, the great North American continent, highlighting the U.S. and Canada, boasts a broad spectrum of landscapes from sprawling metropolises, untamed …

Glamping Europe

Europe is best known for its palaces, churches and museums, which attract over 476 million tourists each year. Along with these precious remnants of the past, Europe's long history of …

Glamping Australia

Australia is one of the most beautiful and unscathed wonders of the world. With its pristine beaches surrounding the entire country, the many islands off the coast of the mainland, …

Glamping Africa

The continent regarded as the birthplace of humankind has some of the most epic national parks and wildlife preserves anywhere on the globe. Travelers to Africa can enjoy everything from …
Australia and Southeast Asia

Glamping Australia and Southeast Asia

The only country in the world with an entire continent all to itself, the diverse and primordial landscape of Australia includes cosmopolitan cities, sprawling deserts, world-class beaches and coral reefs, …
Spain and Portugal

Glamping Spain and Portugal

Spain and Portugal are known for their churches, castles and picture perfect villages. Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean these two countries are sure to ignite a flame …
South Pacific

Glamping South Pacific

The South Pacific has an abundance of exotic glamping destinations and islands with warm, crystal-clear and turquoise waters perfect for snorkeling, long, white sandy beaches, fantastic coral reefs and magical …
South America

Glamping South America

Where to begin. Let’s say, you haven’t traveled until you’ve visited South America! This historical region boasts the worlds driest desert, longest continental mountain ranges, beautiful beaches, rivers and is …

Glamping Asia

This enchanting region is the worlds largest continent, holding 60 percent of the world's population. Surrounded by the Pacific, Indian and Arctic Ocean, you’ve arrived to a land infused with …
Caribbean and Latin America

Glamping Caribbean and Latin America

This region is home to the world’s highest waterfall, largest river, longest mountain range, and largest rainforest. It is a true glamper’s paradise, where waking up to the vista and …