Fraser Island

Glamping Fraser Island: unique vacation rentals

Sometimes the only real way to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life is to get out onto an incredible island escape, and go glamping! Fraser Island is a place where glampers will have the opportunity to find real seclusion and separate themselves from the pressures of the modern world in a picturesque place. Why not go angling and catch some of those really big fish? The abundance of wildlife on the island means that animal lovers will have the chance to see all kinds of incredible creatures, from Bandicoots and Possums, to Sugar Gliders and Dingoes! There's hiking, climbing and all kinds out outdoor adventure in the crisp, clean air of the ocean. After a fun day out enjoying the astonishing landscape and adventures, head back to a luxury glamping rental in the great outdoors and kick back in the comfort of a truly unique holiday home. Book your Fraser Island camping trip today!

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Luxury camping in Fraser Island, Queensland