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Dunkeld, Victoria is a booming town at the southern end of Grampians National Park. Renowned for its gorgeous setting, and even more gorgeous local food, this is an excellent location for a holiday. The town is bustling with plenty of great restaurants and cafes, and the Royal Mail Hotel is a must for some good grub! Then spend time exploring the magnificent surrounds, where Mount Sturgeon, Mount Abrupt, and the Piccaninny are all waiting to be climbed, and will provide astounding views of the surrounding landscape, and of the Grampians Mountains. There is also the Dunkeld Arboretum to visit, where you will encounter a lot native flora, and pay a visit to the Bryan Swamp Wildlife Reserve too. In this area, you are sure to spot emus and kangaroos in the oasis, so keep your eyes peeled! Getting the best Dunkeld accommodation doesn't need to be hard! Dunkeld camping is a click away.

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