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Denmark, not to be confused with the country, is a small forested village in Western Australia. Located on the Wilson Inlet, it is close to the ocean, and has just so much to offer each and every visitor! The beach at Denmark is one of the most beautiful on the south coast of Western Australia, and its mild climate, towering forests, crystal-clear water, and soft beaches will make for a world-class holiday destination. So take one of the many walking trails in the area, and stroll through wildflowers, trees, forests, and plains. Also make sure to sample some of the local food – the cuisine here is pretty cutting-edge, and you can enjoy some real culinary greats, as well as lots of local wine! Greens Pool, William Bay National Park, Waterfall Beach, and Lights Beach will all be nearby whatever glorious glamping rental you choose. Find the best Denmark, WA accommodation!

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