The Pinnacles

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The limestone Pinnacles form one of Australia’s most unique natural wonders. These commanding limestone formations were formed millions of years ago from fossilized seashells, and rise out of the glistening desert sands of Namburg National Park. Scattered across the desert, creating a surreal out worldly landscape, each Pinnacle has its own shape and texture; some are smooth and dome-like, others rough and jagged. The park is situated on the deep blue Indian Ocean just South of Cervantes, with a scenic drive across the winding desert. Visitors can gaze in amazement at the misshapen Pinnacles and visit the Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre, which has impressive displays and provides an insight into the animals and plants which inhabit the region. Spend your luxury camping getaway near the Pinnacles and experience a glamping adventure unlike any other. Take a Pinnacles camping trip and don't look back!

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