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Located in Ontario, Canada, the Rideau Canal runs 125 miles and contains several lakes and well known rivers such as the Rideau and Cataraqui rivers. This Natural Historic Site of Canada, was built in the early 1800's as a military precaution, but is now a well known boating and skiing destination. Connecting the cities of Ottawa and Kingston, Ontario and running along several communities, in the fall and spring, this canal is a wonderful stroll to take in Ontario. While in the winter Rideau Canal is the worlds largest skaterink. This a great time to visit, as people from all over come to skate. Around this time check out the well known Winterlude festival in Ottawa, where you can try beaver tails, a classic fried dough pastry of Ontario. Take a look at these vacation rentals and get ready for the best Rideau Canal camping getaways!

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