Best Southwest Australia Holiday Rentals

Go luxury camping in Western Australia! Best luxury camping near Perth.

Southwest Australia has a wide range of amazing glamping accommodations like luxury tents and rustic yurts. They all offer countless luxury features in a unique spot in the heart of nature, meaning relaxing in style has never been so easy. Whether guests are looking for a quirky dome right on the coast or a luxury cabin inland, it can be found in this region. The exciting city of Perth is easily accessible and promises a mix of cultural sights including ballet shows and museums. Making camping near Perth super accessible or even rentals by Margaret River. The beaches are truly breathtaking in this part of the world and the Mediterranean climate makes it perfect for glamping all year long. Lucky for you, we've listed the best Southwest Australia holiday rentals below. Book your ultimate weekend getaways in Western Australia today!

Explore Southwest Australia: The best Margaret River accommodation awaits!

Glamping getaways in Western Australia are some of the best things to do in Perth! Luxury tents & yurt rentals, take your pick!