Description of Glamping Units

The treehouses were built over solid ground and are supported on stilts. This type of construction is necessary due to the flood season, when the river water level rises up to 15 meters (40 feet). There are twenty units with comfortable rooms that come with a veranda, hammock, fan and private bath. The units sit right along the waters edge, deep in the jungle, which allows you to experience the jungle in a novel way, however the design of the treehouse still respects the limitations and the need to preserve the environment.

Developed to minimize environmental impact, the structures were designed with the same natural material as the local communities: seeds, leaves, fiber, lianas, sticks, etc. Besides the rich raw material, the project optimizes natural resources such as light, ventilation and acoustic isolation.

Location + Surroundings

Located three hours away from Manaus by boat (or 30 minutes by hydroplane), the trip to the lodge is a spectacular tour by itself. Juma´s region is remote and relatively untouched. Your stay will be in remarkable treehouse bungalows high over the waters of the Amazon river in order to feel the real enchantment and mystery of the Amazon.

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Top activities:
  • Sightseeing
  • Bird watching
  • Canoeing
  • Safari

Feel the real enchantment and mystery of the Amazon Rainforest in a treehouse high above the waters and built into the surrounding jungle. Have an adventure of a lifetime while also learning about the wonders and the importance of preserving the Amazon Rainforest.

Popular features:
  • Laundry service
  • Airport transfer
  • Bar/Pub