Glamping at Bow Lake - a beautiful US family vacation

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Bow Lake in Alberta, Canada is one of the most scenic destinations where guests can see picturesque, panoramic views wherever they turn. Bow Lake is one of the largest lakes in Banff National Park and easily accessible as it is right near the highway. However, guests can still enjoy the peace and quiet as it is in its own little paradise, where glampers can escape from the city. At least one morning of the vacation, visitors must see the beautiful sunrise as there is nothing like it, the sun glances off surrounding majestic walls, guests will feel completely at ease and instantly relaxed. Hiking is a great activity as it is not too long, just four miles, and not too much elevation rise. With rewards at the end of the hikes such as the beautiful Bow Lake falls. Guests will be able to see stunning views of the lake, a rocky gorge, and a vista of Bow Glacier and waterfall. The lake is near the Great Continental Divide which is part of the border between Alberta and British Columbia. Glampers will have a truly relaxing time when staying near in Bow Lake, there is nothing quite like it. Spend your time enjoying the area from the best Bow Lake accommodation to be found in Banff National Park! Bow Lake cabins and a whole host of other accommodation types are ready for you when you come to visit, so get vacation rentals near Banff National Park today for your next Alberta vacation ideas! Find a cabin near Calgary right here in Bow Lake.

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