Glamping in Clearwater, BC

Go glamping in Clearwater, British Columbia

Clearwater, BC is one of the most unique regions of British Columbia, and that’s saying something. Known to the locals as Canada’s Waterfall Park, three rivers, the Clearwater, Thompson, and Murtle, meet in this area, and lend their hand to the creation of over 39 named waterfalls. The enthusiasm for outdoor activities is infectious in this place, and you will soon catch it. Explore the rich network of hiking trails that will take you through lush pastures, deep valleys, and soaring peaks. This is also an excellent place for wildlife- and bird-watching, while the Trophy Meadows, Helmcken Falls, Mahood Lake, and Wells Gray Provincial Park will allow you to stray far off the beaten track and get inspired, adventurous, and revitalised. Discover all there is to see in the gorgeous Wells Gray. Camping trips are available now so don't miss out! Enjoy your time spent at the best Clearwater, BC camping today!

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