Gabriola Island: Camping Rentals

Enjoy Gabriola Island camping rentals for your next vacation

Gabriola Island is known as the Isle of the Arts because of its remarkable array of renowned and emerging artists. Take a stroll through the centre, and you will notice the many thriving galleries, studios, and theatres where creativity is embraced and encouraged. This gulf island also has a whole lot more to offer besides creativity. You can try kayaking and scuba diving off the rugged coast, where an underwater world awaits you. You can take a stroll through galleries of a different kind on the shoreline, where the Malaspina Galleries are – unique sandstone formations caused from years of erosion. The many trails that snake around the island will lead you through caves, dunes, and headlands, and over cliffs and along shores. You can also explore the lush forests and even try a spot of salmon fishing! Go Gabriola Island camping and don't miss out. Go glamping: BC rentals await.

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