Glamping: Garland, Manitoba

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Garland, Manitoba, is a world away from anything typical. Set deep in the province of Manitoba, which consists of over eighty provincial parks, and numerous mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers, this is a picture-perfect destination, and really showcases the best of Canada. The vast archipelago of islands to the east of Garland provide endless watersport activities, while the vast prairies in the central plains near Garland are ripe for exploration. Loon Lake, Riding Mountain National Park, Birch Island Park Reserve, Dauphin Lake, and Riding Mountain are all within easy distance of Garland. So come unleash your adventurous spirit, and explore the best of what Garland, and Manitoba, has to offer. The array of gorgeous glamping rentals will top off what is destined to be a memorable vacation. What are you waiting for? Book a glamping trip to Garland, Manitoba and don't miss out.