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Shediac in New Brunswick is extremely famous for one thing: lobster. Come to the Lobster Capital of the World, where this succulent seafood is celebrated, revered, and of course, eaten. In July, the annual Lobster Festival attracts plenty of visitors and is a whole lot of fun. Aside from lobster, there is a lot else in Shediac that will make it a great holiday destination. Its proximity to the coast means there are many beautiful, pristine beaches to swim in. You can also try boating and windsurfing here! The town is also close to Prince Edward Island, which will make for great adventures! Parlee Beach Provincial Park should also be paid a visit to for plenty of hiking, trekking, and biking! Shediac campgrounds like these are not to be missed out on. Don't delay! Camping: Shediac rentals are available now!

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