Enjoy tiny houses in Gavenhurst, Ontario!

Gravenhurst is a wonderfully-located, secluded spot in Ontario; tucked away between the Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands, Lake Muskoka, Lake Simcoe, and Georgian Bay, there is so much for nature-lovers to explore here that they are spoiled for choice! Each of the plethora of lakes in the area offers something unique, from picture-perfect picnic spots and relaxing day-long fishing excursions to exciting kayaking trips, with gorgeous views to take in at every turn. There are some out-of-the-ordinary spots to visit nearby (for instance, local breweries offer tours and tastings, and hiking trails can take glampers anywhere, including the Tree Museum! Photographers will be utterly thrilled with the calm, reflective waters of the lakes, and everyone can relax at the end of each day, watching the sun go down. Tiny houses like these are the perfect way to enjoy your vacations. Enjoy a gorgeous tranquil break from everyday life with a glamping trip to Gravenhurst.

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