Petroglyphs Provincial Park

Located in southeastern Ontario, Petroglyphs Provincial Park is home to breathtakingly beautiful trails and a fantastic, large petroglyph collection. Visitors can stop by the Learning Center to learn more about the First Nation people before viewing the renowned petroglyphs, which were carved over 1,000 years ago, from which the park received its name. This fascinating park is a cultural destination for both curious tourists and locals alike, and gives visitors access to many pristine hiking trails. While glamping in Petroglyphs Provincial Park, visitors may take a trek across marshlands and through wooded wonderlands, or head outside of the park to partake in recreational sports such as fishing, hunting, or kayaking. Have fun exploring all that Petroglyphs Provincial Park has to offer during the day, and then head back to one of our accommodations at night to relax with all the amenities of home.