The Costa Rican province of Limón stretches its way along the Caribbean Sea, all the way down the eastern coast of the country. Limón, which is often called one of the most breathtaking parts of Costa Rica, is known for its pristine beaches, tropical touches, and even some high-reaching mountains. Because Limón is such a diverse area, it’s a lovely place for luxury camping. Glamping in Limón, Costa Rica, gives travelers the chance to explore the country like never before. Glamping is all about unique structures and access to nature, and by following those guidelines, those who choose to go glamping in Limón will be in for a true treat as they connect with one of Costa Rica’s most diverse areas. In the northern part of Limón, travelers can enjoy Tortuguero National Park, which is famous for its coastal turtle nesting, and much more. Glamping in Limón is an unbeatable experience, and it’s one travelers will hold onto forever. Get ready to discover all Limón has to offer when you decide to go luxury camping in Costa Rica.