Glamping Holidays in Piedmont Region of Italy

Escape to the Piedmont region, Italy

This region is set on the northwestern border of Italy, alongside France and Switzerland. A true nature escapes, this region is surrounded by some of Italy's most renowned mountains, plenty of serene lakes and some of the highest peaks in Europe. The Lake Maggiore is a popular tourist location, as well as the nearby Stresa and Borromean Islands. Although this region is well known for its fantastic natural scenery, Piedmont also offers magnificent historical landmarks of equal caliber and just waiting to be marveled. Two must sees include, the famous Residences of the Royal House of Savoy and the Sacri Monti, or sacred mountain. For those looking to pamper themselves, this region also provides plenty of five-star spas, world class restaurants and plenty of luxury for the ultimate glamping getaway.

Best holidays in Piedmont, Italy

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