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Visit Nicaragua: vacations in Central America

If you're thinking about escaping to your own private paradise in Central America this year, look no further than Nicaragua vacations with Glamping Hub. Luxury camping in Nicaragua is a remarkable opportunity to discover one of Central America's best destinations where you and loved ones can explore a tropical paradise from your own private retreats. Nicaragua is situated between both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and boasts a varied terrain which consists of magnificent volcanoes, a string of dazzling beaches, and impressive lakes. In fact, Lake Nicaragua is the largest freshwater lake in Central America and if you decide to go glamping in Nicaragua in one of our luxury Managua rentals, you can wander across to Lago Cocibolca (Lake Nicaragua) which is also home to many of the world's rarest freshwater sharks! Our Nicaragua vacation spots are located all over the country and you can choose to stay in any of its three distinct geographical regions: the Amerrisque Mountains, the Mosquito Coast, or the Pacific Lowlands. A Nicaragua family vacation is also an opportunity to spot some of the simply amazing flora and fauna on offer here. This hot spot in Central America is made up of rainforest, beaches, and much more which houses countless animals including more than 700 different species of bird! Where better than your own Managua or Rivas hut rentals to spot some of these animals and explore your exotic surroundings for endless adventures in Nicaragua this year.

Best things to do in Nicaragua

Before we get on to the Nicaragua tourist attractions, it's time to talk about the best things to do in Nicaragua and activities which will let you have fun and also allow you to explore this magnificent landscape in the most interesting ways possible. Thinking about a Nicaragua surf vacation? You can book Nicaragua vacation rentals near San Juan Del Sur and hit one of the best beaches in Nicaragua. Surfing here is something you won't forget in a hurry and when the sun sets and you've returned to the sandy beach from Nicaragua's warm waters, you can move on to more excellent San Juan Del Sur restaurants and bars to continue the fun long into the night here. When you're not surfing, head to the Corn Islands for even more fun things to do in Nicaragua: go scuba diving, snorkeling, diving, and much more. Glampers will have the choice between both Little Corn and Big Corn, the two islands here which are both equally as beautiful as each other. Little Corn is generally considered to be the quieter of the two and is one of the best destinations for romantic vacations in Nicaragua for couples. When you're not making a splash in the water here, why not consider the best hiking trails in Nicaragua instead and discover even more of this unique landscape while you work up a sweat. More activities to do in Nicaragua that can't be passed up include hiking Miraflores, a national park here which consists of an impressive cloud forest, small farms, waterfalls, and various rivers. Discover more of Nicaragua's wildlife here before trying volcano hikes at Cerro Negro, Telica, and Momotombo. For experienced hikers and those looking for more of a challenge, try hiking San Cristóbal which is considered to be the hardest and longest hike in Nicaragua volcano spots.

Places to visit in Nicaragua: attractions

One of the top attractions is in fact Granada in Nicaragua and guests will be pleased to know that we can provide some stunning rentals in Granada, Nicaragua which will make your experience all the more memorable. Wake up in your own luxury villas in Nicaragua before heading into Granada where you can visit much of the most well-preserved architecture in Nicaragua which dates back to the Spanish colonial years here. Visit stunning Nicaragua churches and much more for some excellent photo opportunities (photographers will love visiting Granda in particular). For more impressive architecture and places to visit in Nicaragua, don't forget to visit "new" León which was once the country's capital until 1857! With more top sites in Nicaragua on offer, León is also home to the Museum of the Revolution where glampers can take a peek into the intriguing history of Nicaragua for a very affordable price. We mentioned Lake Nicaragua already, which is also home to Ometepe Island where you can discover even more Nicaraguan wildlife and fun things to do. Nicaragua also has the Apoyo Lagoon to offer and for those of us interested in luxury camping in Managua, this lagoon is one of the most beautiful places in Nicaragua where you can relax with a book and take some time to appreciate your surroundings in total peace and quiet!

When to visit Nicaragua

The best time to visit Nicaragua? All year round! There really isn't a perfect time to book Nicaragua getaways as you could enjoy your vacations in Tola and El Viejo whenever you come during the year. However, if you want to avoid the rain as much as possible, aim to book your Nicaragua holidays between November and April which is the dry season here. The temperate rarely fluctuates too much but March and April are considered to be the hottest months here with highs of 91º F during the day. With temperatures like these, take advantage of the sunshine and head for more of the best beaches in Nicaragua such as Redona Bay on the southern coast, Playa Remanso, Playa El Coco, and Las Peñitas. Avoid visiting Nicaragua in June, September, and October at all costs if you don't want to have rain spoil your trip; these are the rainiest months by far and rainfall here in the afternoons can last for up to two hours! A stay in a quality Nicaragua treehouse resort is viable throughout the entire year. Take a break here and don't miss out!