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Go camping near Banks Lake for the best getaways near Seattle!

Glamping near Seattle is best done when you go Banks Lake camping!

banks lake campingLooking for the best of the west coast for your next holiday? Sick of visiting California? Done with Oregon? Well, mathematically, that leaves you with Washington State! There's plenty to do in this state if you're willing to look for it, so listen up! One of the best glamping destinations and getaways near Seattle is Banks Lake! As part of the Columbia Basin Project and the Columbia River, Banks lake is a 27 mile long reservoir for visitors to come and enjoy! With views of the iconic rocks of Steamboat Rock State Park, this reservoir is ready for visitors to come and enjoy the best recreation activities on and off its waters. Come hiking along the trails found here, go Banks Lake camping and more water sports await those who are intrigued to make the journey. Banks Lake State Park welcomes all comers for the best glamping near Seattle, so don't settle for second best when planning your next holiday, get the premier selection right here in Washington State. Go camping near Banks Lake itself and greet the day with sights of this marvellous landscape. Visit the nearby Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest for more fun in nature with trails for hikers and bikers to enjoy as they explore the best of the northwest. Visit Electric City! It doesn't need to be difficult when you're planning your next vacation, just grab a cup of coffee, pick your own accommodation and book in for a getaway packed with adventure!

Banks Lake State Park awaits visitors looking to visit Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, Steamboat Rock State Park and more!