MLK Day 2022: Martin Luther King Weekend Getaways!

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When is MLK weekend? Celebrate Martin Luther King this January 18th! Check out these MLK weekend 2022 getaways

Celebrate MLK Day 2022 with Glamping Hub: Martin Luther King weekend getaways and holiday plans!

When is MLK weekend 2022? MLK Day is celebrated this year on January 18th, 2022. Martin Luther King Day 2022 is right around the corner, how will you be celebrating? Martin Luther King Jr. is an iconic figure in US history, known for his profound civil rights work. In a time when few people had the courage, MLK stood up to fight for equality, and in doing so, left a lasting legacy. Today, we celebrate MLK Day to remember the man who put the service of others in front of his own needs. There are many ways to celebrate Martin Luther King Day; maybe MLK weekend getaways. During MLK day 2022 you are sure to find a different MLK parade in every city, people celebrating the MLK holiday with community service, and others taking Martin Luther King weekend 2022 to spend quality time with friends and family. If you are looking to celebrate and honor this amazing man with the ones you love most. Check this list for the top group rentals for Martin Luther King Jr Day 2022. If you still don't have plans for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, don't worry. Check out our available vacation rentals near you and consider going away for the long weekend! Celebrate your Martin Luther King holiday in style with Glamping Hub. So if you're looking for when is MLK day - we've got it for you today.

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