New England Getaways

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Weekend getaways in New England

With its sextet of scenic states, New England offers an all-seasonal spectrum of glamorous getaways to pique the fancy of every kind of glamper. A rich colonial past, scrumptious seafood, and a miscellany of inspiring landscapes all unite to make New England a top pick among vacationers looking for that ultimate relaxation recess. Experience the magnetism of Maine’s Acadia National Park with over 120 miles of idyllic hiking trails, blow off the cobwebs with a coastal escape to Coast Guard Beach in Massachusetts, or hit the powdery pistes in Killington, Vermont-- in New England anything goes. If your feet are itching for a new adventure, New England will lure you in with the savory scent of fresh clam chowder, the ambrosial fall flora, and a vitalizing sea breeze capable of cleansing the mind and body. In essence, natural beauty is in New England’s genetics and that’s what makes it such a wicked place to spend a few days or weeks away from the fast-paced cycle of the daily nine-to-five. Get ready for the best weekend getaways in New England, and take a look at this collection of vacation rentals.