Niagara Falls Vacation

Forget about staying in a hotel. Niagara Falls hotels can be so overpriced and offer nothing new. Go glamping near Niagara Falls and get unbeatable outdoor access

Ever been to Niagara Falls? These falls on the border of Ontario, Canada and New York are one of our favorite vacation spots. A vacation destination like no other, Niagara Falls is a place that should be on everyone's bucket list. Browse our list of Niagara Falls vacation rentals and find some free dates so you can get here and see this awesome sight. You can find a range of Niagara Falls cabins in New York or Ontario cottage rentals in places like Niagara-on-the-lake, but whichever side you decide to visit, you'll have amazing views of the falls. Here is a unique destination that is well-suited for all types of vacations. From honeymoon cabins or romantic weekend getaways to vacations with kids, groups of all sizes and ages are sure to love their Niagara Falls vacation. Cabins, cottages, bed and breakfasts, whichever accommodation type you choose, you'll find yourself in the perfect spot for exploring the area. Enjoy top-notch access to the falls and other outdoor attractions in the area, plus all the comforts of home and amenities of a hotel. Niagara Falls hotels are often expensive and over-crowded, so for your next vacation, go with the easy choice and book with Glamping Hub!

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Browse our list of vacation rentals & Niagara Falls cabins for your next vacation. Couples planning romantic weekend getaways or families planning vacations with kids will love these spots