Located in the southwest of Portugal. It is bordered to the north by the District of Lisbon and the District of Santarém, to the east by the District of Évora, to the south by the District of Beja and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of this district is equal to its name. In spite of concentrating densely urbanized areas that, many times, function as dormitory cities for people who work around Lisbon, this district includes natural treasures such as the Natural Park of Arrábida, the Natural Reserve of the estuary of the river Sado or the Natural Reserve of the lagoons of San Andrés and Sancha. Not only that, this district has the Landscape Protected of the Arriba Fossil of the Caparica Coast. These options, in addition to villages with fishing ports and castles to visit offer an unbeatable scenery for those seeking peace and quiet. Staying in a luxury campsite in the Setubal District is an outdoor experience worth remembering.