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Yosemite National Park is definitely at the top of the best places to visit in California. That's saying a lot, because California attractions are plentiful, and with so many great things to do in California, it's rare that everyone can agree on this. But year after year, Yosemite NP is one of the most popular vacation spots in California. Of course, the park is huge and there are so many different places to go once you're in the park. One of our favorite vacation destinations in Yosemite is Bass Lake. Camping in Bass Lake is renowned for great fishing, hiking trails, and warm waters. Combine that with wakeboarding and watersports, and Glamping Hub's Bass Lake camping rentals, well, then you've got a pretty good vacation on your hands.

Places to visit in Yosemite NP: Bass Lake vacations

About an hour northwest of Fresno and under 20 miles from the southern gate of Yosemite NP, Bass Lake is an easy vacation destination. All around the lake, there are numerous spots to explore and places to stay. For example, on the north shore of Bass Lake is Falls Beach, an ideal spot to spend the day and watch the sunset. Or bring your bikes for the weekend and check out different trails like the Forks Trail or 007 Trail. Bass Lake will surprise most with how much there is to do and see. Apart from Falls Beach and bike trails, there is plenty of hiking, like the Mono Trail, water sports, and wildlife, like Bald Eagles. No matter what you decide to do, your Bass Lake camping vacations are sure to be one of your most memorable yet.


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