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North Carolina camping is made easy with these Charlotte campgrounds. Ashville glamping, Linville Gorge and more here!

For those venturing out to the east coast for their next vacations, you've got to check out Charlotte, NC! Things to do here are ample, with some of the best state parks in the area, river retreats and more. The city of Charlotte itself has plenty for city crawlers to discover, as a modern city steeped in history there's food to discover and sights to see around every corner, but for those looking for the best opportunities to see the more natural side of North Carolina, the area around Charlotte provides a fantastic jumping off point to launch into a world of natural wonders! Of course you'll want to place yourself as close to nature as possible, which is easy with the variety of North Carolina camping options - from Asheville glamping to the best campgrounds near Charlotte, NC - there's clearly no shortage of selections for the curious glamper to ponder over. The best campgrounds in NC that you'll want to select will be those closest to the best of the area - the NC state parks! Camping in these parks will give you automatic access to the best scenery - from dawn till dusk and everything after.

Visiting Charlotte, NC? Things to do here are plentiful with North Carolina camping and more with camping near Charlotte

Visiting Charlotte, NC: Things to do

When visiting Charlotte, it's important that you're well equipped and informed when it comes to activities from your Charlotte campgrounds. Those looking to go more specifically camping near Asheville, NC will be able to take advantage of Mt Mitchell and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, whilst those staying more on the Charlotte camping side of things will be able to visit the breathtaking Linville Gorge and serene beauty of Lake Norman, easily visited from Charlotte, NC. Things to do beyond these areas are plentiful. Camping near Charlotte locates glampers right in the middle of the state, meaning they can take their pick of their favourite glamping past time - it's all here in North Carolina ready for your visit!