Best Places to Go for Christmas 2022: Queensland

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Still trying to decide where to spend Christmas 2022 in Queensland this year? Check out this collection of the best places to go for Christmas in Queensland! Located in the northeastern region of Australia, this iconic state features over 7,000 kilometers of gorgeous coastline that's home to one of the seven natural wonders of the world: the Great Barrier Reef. Experience Queensland in December like you never have before by staying in a romantic safari tent, a Sunshine Coast glass cabin or one of Glamping Hub's other Queensland hotel alternatives. Whether you're looking for the top New Year's Eve getaways in Australia or searching for the best Queensland holiday accommodations for families, you'll be glad you checked out this awesome collection today! Get the best QLD holidays 2022 will bring today here with these Christmas getaways!

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Where to spend Christmas in QLD

Based in Brisbane, Cairns, or somewhere else in Queensland and wondering where to spend Christmas in QLD? Getaways here can be enjoyed during Christmas no matter where you are in the region and we have all the best QLD places to camp available to book right now for you to make the most of this year. Don't be fooled into booking those familiar and predictable hotels in Queensland when you can spend the Christmas holidays with family, friends, and loved ones around you in the best luxury escapes and private paradises for rent in Australia. As we know, the Christmas holidays in Australia don't include the usual winter landscapes other countries around the world are used to. Australians and visitors can look forward to celebrating Christmas on the beach and with so many of the best QLD beaches to go camping near, glampers won't be disappointed with the selection of things to do in Queensland this year while glamping. QLD is home to the Great Barrier Reef, the pristine Whitehaven Beach, Fitzroy Island, and even more top outdoor destinations such as Daintree Rainforest where you can discover an abundance of wildlife while hiking and camping nearby! The best places to go in Queensland can be found right here, so book today and don't miss out.