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Cabin rentals around the world: From winter to exotic cabins, find your perfect match below!
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We list the most popular unique rental cabins around the world!

Peaceful Sierra Nevada Cabin near Granada for Relaxing Holidays in Andalusia
Gorgeous Woodsy Cabins in the Heart of the Catalan Countryside
Spacious Wooden Cabin Rental Ideally Located for Luxury Camping near Barcelona
Secluded Cabin Rental with a Natural Pool in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Motril, Spain
Tranquil Blanes Accommodation for Cabin Camping on the Costa Brava
Romantic Getaway with a Beautiful Pool in the Countryside of Malaga, Andalucia
Gorgeous Wooden Cabin Rentals for a Large Group to Go Luxury Camping on the Costa Brava
Beautifully Unique Cube Cabin in the Region of Aragón, Spain
Stylish Galicia Accommodation for Glamping in Spain
Luxurious Galicia Accommodation for Glamping in Spain
Amazing Galicia Holiday Rental for Glamping in Spain
Cabin Rental with Panoramic Views and an Outdoor Pool near Málaga, Spain

There are over 30 properties ready for you to book!

Why Choose a Cabin?

Glamping cabins offer the ultimate outdoor experience, with a sprinkle of luxury. The solid timber frames and cozy atmosphere make this the perfect way to spend some time in rural settings in complete comfort.  

A cabin provides an exceptional space within a wooden shell that melts effortlessly into its surrounding natural environment. With handcrafted furniture, crackling fireplaces, fresh and modern washrooms, and soft, colorful fabrics, you will find a wholesome break for all. 

Whether you choose A-frame cabins, elevated or tented, they offer luxurious amenities that make them the perfect accommodation. Many of the cabin locations also allow for the best of the great outdoors. 

We have glamping cabins all over the world so you can find the perfect one for you. Book your cabin getaway today with Glamping Hub.

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Our Different Types of Glamping Cabins

We are aware that different travelers require varied amenities whilst on vacation. Below shows a list of the different types of cabins available to help you choose your perfect match. 

Whatever you’re looking for, Glamping Hub is happy to help you find your ideal break. No matter what you choose, you will find a place brimming with seclusion and tranquillity - the best way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Browse our selection of cabins and filter your search to narrow down the best options for you.

Are cabins cheaper than hotels?

Cabins are generally cheaper than big hotel resorts, making them ideal for anyone looking to getaway on a budget.

They also offer a more personalized break - perfect if you're seeking a unique trip nestled in nature! 

Do our cabins have hot tubs?

Yes - we have many cabins with hot tubs! These are great for families, groups or anyone looking to add a little luxury to their break.

Are our cabins pet-friendly?

When taking a break, we know that people like to go with the whole family - including their four-legged friends. That’s why we also offer many pet-friendly cabins, this way our guests can take the whole clan along!