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Why Choose a Caboose?

Cabooses were originally used as comfortable accommodations on trains. They were placed at the end of a freight train and had many functions including providing shelter for the crew or other passengers, serving as a conductor’s office and cooking facilities. 

These caboose homes have been permanently detached from the original train and turned into vacation cottages or train cabin rentals with cozy furnishings inside and a quaint exterior. Today, they provide a welcoming and lavish place to stay for a range of vacation itineraries. 

Whether you have a passion for trains or are just looking for a cozy vacation, take the opportunity to book your perfect and luxurious caboose rental.

Do cabooses have hot tubs?

If you’re seeking a luxurious getaway in a caboose, there are plenty of rentals that have hot tubs. These lavish facilities provide the ideal place to sit back and relax, all while immersing yourself in the surrounding wilderness.

Are cabooses pet-friendly?

For anyone planning a glamping getaway with their furry friend, cabooses are a great option. Some of these glamping types are also pet-friendly, providing the perfect place for you and your canine companion to stay. Use our search filter to narrow down your preferences and choose the ideal caboose for you!

Where is the best place to stay in a caboose?

With caboose rentals all over the world, it is hard to narrow it down to the best place. However, a popular place to stay in these cozy cabins is the United Kingdom, with areas like Wales, Cornwall and Devon being particular favourites. Browse our collection today to find your next perfect glamping destination in a caboose!


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