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Looking for the perfect Coffs Harbour camping grounds for NSW family breaks this year? Don't feel you need to book the most popular family hotels in Coffs Harbour this year when you can instead make your booking reservations in the best private luxury escapes NSW has to offer for group getaways in Australia. We understand that with the current world pandemic in many people's minds, a lot of us will be on the hunt for more private and intimate getaways where guests can recline in peace. Well, we have just what you need and glampers couldn't be more comfortable in these kid-friendly holiday homes in Coffs Harbour! Make your NSW booking reservations today and enjoy the top places to go camping in Australia with Glamping Hub, the world's best booking site for luxury Coffs Harbour camping trips.

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When you book your own Coffs Harbour camping ground with Glamping Hub, you're essentially reserving your own luxury retreat in the best outdoor destinations here. Located on the north coast of New South Wales, Coffs Harbour is known widely for its stunning and pristine beaches as well as the iconic Big Banana monument. When you're not enjoying some precious downtime and a string of luxury amenities all readily at your disposal, guests will be able to choose from a variety of things to do in Coffs Harbour, NSW to keep them on their toes and excited at what the next day's camping itinerary has in store. Interested in national park camping in Australia? Take your luxury camping adventures to Dorrigo National Park where family activities range from NSW day hikes to exploring any of the waterfalls here. Perfect for summer breaks in Australia, there's also Solitary Islands Marine Park which rests just off the Coffs Harbour Marina, and here glampers can check out an abundance of sea life such as coral reefs and huge whales. Book your own Coffs Harbour family accommodation today and discover your very first NSW paradise with Glamping Hub!


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