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Why Choose a Container?

Rental containers have quickly become a huge accommodation trend thanks to their modern architecture and design. Shipping containers are being converted into houses and placed in the most marvelous landscapes. 

Once you are inside a container cabin you will realize they are equipped with all the amenities of any house and decorated in the most inviting ways. 

The truth is, life inside a box has never been as stylish as in a container rental. Book one of these cabins today and start planning a luxury getaway in the best container home rentals around!

What makes containers so special for glamping?

If you’re seeking an eco-friendly break, shipping containers are great. These glamping rentals allow for sustainable tourism. So, you can go camping in recycled container homes while getting out and enjoying the magnificent surrounding scenery.

Do glamping containers have hot tubs?

For those pursuing a little luxury during their glamping break, some excellent container rentals also have hot tubs. This allows visitors to truly sit back and relax, all whilst taking in stunning landscapes. Use our search filter to narrow down your options and find your next ideal getaway.

Where is the best place to stay in a container?

With containers all over the world, where you decide to stay depends on what type of getaway you’re looking for. Places like Portugal are great for those seeking a sunny break by the beach. Whereas, containers in the Netherlands and Germany provide visitors with neverending natural landscapes and stunning scenery. Browse our collection today to find the perfect place for you!


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