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Why Choose a Cottage?

Tucked away in the countryside, cottages are the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They are mostly or completely stone structures and their comforting interiors are reason enough to escape for the weekend. Whether you're hoping to recharge your batteries, get a change of scenery, or explore your surroundings in a new way, renting a cottage will do the trick!

Cottages are perfect for a romantic break or perhaps an adventure-filled holiday trip. Being in the heart of nature means that staying in these beautiful places allows for lots to do and plenty to see. Whether you’re looking to relax next to the fire, or get out and active in the outdoors, there is something for everyone when staying in a rental cottage. 

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What makes a great vacation cottage?

When determining what makes a great vacation cottage, it ultimately comes down to preference. There are so many amazing cottages out there, all of which offer unique settings and stunning decor. You can find some with hot tubs, others nestled away in dense forests, or even perched atop a rugged cliff overlooking the coast. Whatever type of getaway you’re seeking, there is a cottage out there to suit all!

What makes a luxury cottage?

Many cottages are equipped with added luxuries. From open fires to hot tubs, you will find some beautiful properties to relax on your break. There are also several incredible cottages decorated to the highest standard. With a beautiful interior, stunning scenery and excellent locations, you will find a luxury cottage for every type of traveler.

What do you need to bring to a rental cottage?

Generally, rental cottages are equipped with everything you could need for a relaxing break. With fitted kitchens, bathrooms and all the amenities of a cozy home, all you should need is your personal belongings. You can, however, pack games, plus anything else that will help make a beautiful cottage more like your home from home.


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