Glamping near Joshua Tree National Park

Have you ever heard of glamping? If you’re wondering what it is, think along the lines of luxury camping. When you go glamping, you get unbeatable outdoor access, with five-star amenities, and some amazing adventures. If you have heard of glamping, well then you don’t need to be told—you’ve already come to the right page. Instead of staying in the crowded city, in a chain hotel, or a cookie-cutter resort, why not get away from the crowds for some quality time with your loved ones outside? From stunning tree houses to luxury safari tents, unforgettable tipis and domes, or extravagant cabins, glamping covers many types of accommodations, the common thread being comfort in the great outdoors. If you’re looking to go glamping near Joshua Tree National Park, start browsing through these rentals and see what catches your eye. We’re sure we have the perfect glamping getaway just for you.