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Why Choose a Hobbit House?

When staying in a hobbit house, you’ll feel transported to another world, one in a peaceful setting with stunning landscapes. Situated in beautiful, hidden spots, hobbit houses provide the perfect place to unwind in utter serenity. This is an exceptional and unique type of glamping, providing plenty of fun for the whole family! 

Hobbit dwellings or earthen shelters are breezy in the summer, cozy in the winter, and protected from the elements all year round. These hobbit homes blend harmoniously into the surrounding landscape, taking advantage of the natural shape the Earth provides. Staying in these hobbit rooms mean you won't have to sacrifice the luxuries of modern living.

Can you spend the night in a hobbit house?

Hobbit houses often provide guests with a comfortable and luxurious stay, meaning you can spend a few nights in these glamping types. This makes for an excellent adventure and exciting trip for the whole family.

Can you stay in a hobbit house in the UK?

If you’re seeking a glamping getaway in the UK, there are plenty of exciting hobbit homes to choose from. Plus with stunning countryside and plenty of outdoor space, there are adventures at every twist and turn. 

Is there hobbit house glamping in Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland is full of exploration and adventure, making it the ideal place to stay in a hobbit house. With rolling hills and stunning countryside vistas, there is no better area to enjoy a magical stay in these unique glamping types.


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