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Huts can be made of straw, wood, snow, stone, grass, palm leaves, ice, branches, hides or fabric. As you can see, they have a wide variety of materials used as well as environments that those materials are specific for. They are similar to bungalows but with a more rugged and primitive feel to them. Huts may not be the same as a house, but they sure beat out a tent or shelter. Hut rentals are typically used seasonally, but in the olden days, huts were permanent dwellings for many individuals, especially in nomadic cultures. Some of their huts were even transportable, meaning they could take their home with them, no matter where the winds took them. Camping huts, bungalows, cabanas—whatever you want to call them, check out these amazing glamping hut rentals in stunning locations across the globe! The best camping hut rentals are available right here and will not disappoint.


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