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Why Choose a Safari Tent?

Today, safari tents are the premier lodging for upscale African safari organizations and have been adopted by many glamping site owners in other parts of the world. Luxury safari tents are large, rectangular structures, supported by a framework of aluminum or fiberglass poles and occasionally have a platform or hard flooring. The walls and peaked roof are typically made of a light but weather-resistant and durable fabric-like canvas. 

With spacious interiors, safari tents are the ultimate getaway for the whole family. Whether you’re looking to spend some time together relaxing or perhaps want to explore the outdoors, this type of accommodation is a great option. Search Glamping Hub for locations with safari tents - there are plenty to choose from!

Our Different Types of Safari Tents

Safari tents offer the perfect blend of indoor, and outdoor living. You are close enough to nature to feel a part of it, yet secure enough to feel safe in your cozy tent. This type of accommodation is ideal for anyone seeking a relaxing break in the great outdoors. 

With hundreds of locations to choose from, you can pick the perfect place to stay in a unique safari tent. Spend your time exploring your surroundings, or simply snuggle up in the warmth of your tent - the choice is entirely yours! Whatever you decide to do, you will find an unmatched experience, brimming with adventure and memories to last a lifetime.

Are safari tents warm?

If you plan on staying in a safari tent in winter, you might be wondering if they stay warm. As many of these luxury accommodations have electric heaters or log burners, you will find a cosy place to stay on your break. This makes for the perfect winter getaway, all while you listen to the surrounding nature from the warmth of your tent. 

Are safari tents expensive?

Safari tents are great for a range of vacation itineraries and budgets. Depending on where you choose to stay and for how long will determine the cost. You can tailor your break to suit your needs, with some tents costing more due to added luxuries. However, you will find safari tents to be cheaper than a high-end hotel, meaning you get a unique experience for a lower price!

Do safari tents have hot tubs?

With so many to choose from, you will find multiple safari tents that also have hot tubs. These added luxuries are perfect for a romantic weekend away, or even a break with friends.


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