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Pack your things, escape from the city and go luxury camping near Bridal Veil, Oregon. Located in the Columbia River Gorge, the town welcomes many visitors to its nearby waterfall recreation area. The region near the city has always been notable, with the giant boulders "The Pillars of Hercules" found nearby in the river gorge, along with waterfalls. Tales say the area's namesake comes from a passenger aboard a sternwheeler on the Columbia River. The passenger commented on the waterfall on Larch Mountain and how it resembled a "delicate, misty bridal veil." So, if you want an experience like no other, find the best secluded camping rentals near Bridal Veil, Oregon

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Located just off the Columbia River Highway, this state park features two short hikes, one to beautiful Bridal Veil Falls and the other overlooking the Columbia River. The lower trail is a steep 0.3 mile descent to the base of the magnificent waterfall. The falls duck under the 1914 Old Columbia River Gorge Highway bridge and over mossy basalt on two levels, a drop of approximately 120 feet total.,Hikers will pass Bridal Veil Creek, which originates near Larch Mountain and was once nearly dry, the water diverted by Bridal Veil Falls Lumbering Company. Find the best hiking cabins and other unique vacation rentals near Bridal Veil, Oregon today!