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The city of Charleston has a historical reputation for the wrong reasons, but in more recent times the city has reinvented itself as a way to remember the horrible events that stain it's past. It's a coastal city that sits on the US west coast and is the largest city in the state of South Carolina, Charleston has a strong tourism industry these days and has some spectacular natural sights to see, inside and outside of the city. The opportunities don't end there as there is a wealth of Campgrounds near Charleston, SC also. Going for the best camping near Charleston, SC is a fantastic way to reconnect with the waterside marvels that pepper the coastline and riverside here in South Carolina. So of course to help you find the best campsites in Charleston, SC, Glamping Hub is here to lend a helping hand - check out our list of dreamy South Carolina glamping options that will satisfy your cravings to reconnect with the outdoors and wilderness to be found in South Carolina. Sitting on the confluence of the Ashley, Cooper and Wando rivers, there's a wealth of natural areas to visit as you follow these rivers as they crawl into the US mainland. Of course, there's also a number of islands found on the coastline here to be explored when you choose to go glamping near Charleston, SC. Inside the city, you can expect to visit such attractions as the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, the Joe Riley Waterfront Park, offering spectacular sea views and the Historic Charleston City Market to give you a glimpse of days gone by in this east coast city. There's truly a great number of things for glampers to do and explore in the area, so pick your favourite South Carolina glamping offering below to start your next vacation today!

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Places to visit in South Carolina

There are many places to visit in South Carolina, but Charleston has to be one of the top destinations. Camping near Charleston, SC will give you the opportunity to visit the incredible MT Pleasant, where you can go hiking and take in incredible views of the surrounding scenery. Or you can go beach camping on Folly Beach! Ocean views are certain to leave you breathless. East Coast camping is a great idea for anyone who wants to escape the noise and get back to feeling like themselves. So, what are you waiting for? Go camping! Charleston, SC is waiting to be enjoyed!