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If you're on the lookout for epic MI vacations, then consider a visit to Copper Harbor, Michigan. This all-season resort town is within the Keweenaw Peninsula, which is just north of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. To help plan an amazing getaway in Copper Harbor, MI camping, we've listed the best spots for secluded camping near Copper Harbor, Michigan. After all, these days more than ever we're all wanting to get outside, stretch our legs, breathe fresh air, and get away from the big crowds of the cities. Glamping near Copper Harbor, Michigan is just the way to do that. Located in the middle of Lake Superior, trails and Michigan hiking is wonderful here. You'll easily catch amazing views within the Copper Harbor Trail system and can visit places like the Copper Harbor lighthouse, Astor Shipwreck Park, and Keweenaw County Park. Being by the water, you can also expect some wonderful fishing spots near me as well as opportunities for water sports and activities like wakeboarding, boating, sailing, or just relax by the beach. Copper Harbor is known as well as the gateway to Isle Royal National Park so consider taking a ferry to Isle Royale, the largest island within the world's biggest freshwater lake! Copper Harbor camping rentals are a click away and are guaranteed to delight. There will be plenty to do and see with these cool places to camp in the Upper Peninsula. Glamping Michigan & lakefront cabin rentals await so book your stay today! The best camping near Copper Harbor, MI is yours to enjoy.

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One of the best things to do near Copper Harbor, MI is to book a ferry and visit Isle Royale National Park. Copper Harbor is known for being the gateway to this beautiful island. With so much natural beauty we definitely recommend going on some awesome Lake Superior trails for epic Michigan hiking. The Copper Harbor Trail system has plenty of scenic routes where you can catch views of beautiful Lake Superior. Make sure to pack your swimmers in the summertime. The beautiful waters will be too tempting to not jump in! There are also some great fishing spots so fishermen should come prepared. There some great MI parks to visit within the Keweenaw Peninsula like Astor Shipwreck Park just by Lake Fanny Hooe, Hunter's Point Park, and the Keweenaw County Park will be easily accessible when going Copper Harbor, MI camping. Don't worry there will plenty to see and do on your MI weekend getaways, so book your secluded camping near Copper Harbor, Michigan vacation today!