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Are you wanting to go luxury Malibu camping? You've come to the right place, that's our speciality. To help we've listed some of the best vacation rentals in SoCal for secluded camping near Malibu, California. Glamping getaways are the ultimate way to explore the top hikes in Malibu, CA while spending quality time with the ones we love. Romantic weekend getaways in Malibu will leave you and your partner feeling refreshed and reenergized to take on life's daily stresses. In true glamping SoCal style, these aren't just any Malibu vacation rentals, these are cool and unique accommodations with style and all the top amenities. Scroll through these to explore the best places to camp near Malibu, California: glamping tents, CA cabins, cool airstreams, and even luxury yurts are all around this beautiful part of the world. You can easily spend the day on Zuma Beach or explore Lagoon State Beach known for some awesome surfing in California. If you're looking for things to do more inland, you can hike some of the top trails that weave through stunning canyons, waterfalls and grasslands within the Santa Monica Mountains. Us glampers love convenient camping rentals near the best hiking trails in Malibu, CA. Vacation rentals in nature await. Book your secluded Malibu camping getaway in California today!

Best hikes in Malibu, CA

So you're planning a getaway from LA and want to go secluded camping near Malibu, California? Let us help make sure you're ready for some epic hiking and exploring in Southern California. There are tons of best hikes in Malibu, CA, to list a few within the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area at least: Solstice Canyon Loop is a moderate hike as it's mostly shaded by the canyon. Backbone Trail to Sandstone Peak and Mishe Mokwa Trail Loop is one of the most beautiful hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains and a moderate level. Make sure to visit Echo Cliffs for some awesome rock climbing. Escondido Falls Trail is an easy one in Escondido Canyon Park and leads to a beautiful waterfall. Lastly, Mugu Peak Trail is a hard one if you're looking for more of a challenge. As you can see there are many scenic opportunities for hiking near Malibu so don't worry you0ll have plenty to see and do on your Malibu vacations in nature. Book your Malibu camping getaway today!


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