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Getting away for a while or taking a vacation does not necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune or travel very far. In fact, from that very concept has stemmed the word staycation, which mixes the idea of taking a vacation but staying close to home. Auckland is a city filled with natural richness and beautiful landscapes, making it a truly perfect place to have a staycation. Here we’ve collected some wonderful luxury camping sites that would truly make for perfect staycations near Auckland. Luxury camping is one of the best ways to take a break from reality as you soak up the natural wonders at your fingertips while also surrounding yourself in complete luxury. There’s no need to sacrifice even an ounce of comfort when you go camping, and you’ll find just that within these luxury camping accommodations. So have a look at this collection of glamping sites and start planning your staycation near Auckland today!

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New Zealand is such a magnificently beautiful country, why would you ever want to leave it for your holidays? New Zealand can be your holiday destination, no matter if you're from this spectacular country! A staycation in New Zealand means you can explore regions you've not discovered before, while saving a pretty penny on travel costs too! If you're going on holidays in New Zealand, why not consider glamping? New Zealand has so many awesome places for you to experience, and we've got them all right here on Glamping Hub! There's so many things to do in New Zealand, from a white-knuckle river-rafting ride in Queenstown to visiting the volcanic craters and geysers in Rotorua, and you can even cruise with whales in Kaikoura! There's something for everyone to enjoy glamping in New Zealand! Holidays here at home will lead to you to appreciate your country in a way that perhaps you hadn't before. So pack your bags but leave your passport in the drawer, and book a NZ holiday today here with Glamping Hub! Check out the best luxury accommodation in New Zealand for your staycation today!


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