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Why Choose a Tipi?

Tipis or teepees, no matter how you spell it, are an ingeniously simple compilation of only a few raw materials. It begins with wooden poles erected in a triangular shape and tied together at the top to form the skeleton of the structure. Then a durable fabric - historically animal skins, but now a modern teepee typically has a weather-resistant canvas or heavy cotton - is wrapped snugly around the poles. This leaves only a hole at the top to release smoke, a small door, and sometimes a window or two. A central fire would heat the structure in winter. 

Today, these conical modern teepees for rent are constructions that are warm, spacious, and a historical alternative to a modern tent. It's important to disconnect from the day-to-day and recharge in nature, and glamping in a tipi allows you to do just that!

Do teepees have hot tubs?

With tipis all over the world, it is possible to stay in one of these lovely tents all while enjoying the luxury of a hot tub. This provides the perfect place to truly relax and unwind while immersing yourself in the surrounding nature.

How many people does a teepee sleep?

Teepees come in a range of sizes, meaning that they can accommodate a variety of guests. Some of these glamping types allow for groups, whereas others range from 3 to 5 visitors per tipi. We recommend using our search filter, this way you can tailor your getaway to suit the number of people you plan to travel with.

Are tipi’s expensive?

The price to stay in a teepee varies depending on several factors. Things like location, size, and amenities will all determine this. Using our search filter is the best way to tailor your vacation to suit your needs. This way you can book a getaway in a tipi, all while sticking to your budget!


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