Weekend Getaways During COVID 19

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Right about now, if you’re like us, you’re itching to go somewhere, even if only for a few days, but vacations during Covid are tough. Despite the many months of lockdown, travel restrictions are still in place all across the globe; while these measures make things safer for us, between the travel restrictions and the unpredictability of the coronavirus, it’s nearly impossible to plan a vacation, especially if it’s to somewhere far away. That’s where these Covid vacation ideas come in. Glamping Hub can take you to some of the most exotic destinations in the world, but you can also find unique vacation rentals and weekend getaways right in your backyard. Travel restrictions and recommendations are constantly changing, so if you are planning a weekend getaway, make sure to stay up to date and travel responsibly. But with that in mind, in many destinations in the U.S. and across the world, you’re probably ok to hop in the car and head to a secluded, outdoor destination away from any crowds. And where can you find these secluded outdoor destinations? On Glamping Hub, of course. From the English countryside to the San Juan Islands in the PBW, find the answer to your search ‘weekend getaways near me.’ Find the best weekend getaways during COVID 19 on Glamping Hub! Discover ‘kid-friendly places to visit near me’ for family vacations with kids, or plan romantic weekend getaways, it doesn’t matter. With this selection of safe getaways during Covid-19 all over the globe, you’re sure to find a wide variety of ‘fun places to go near me.’ While in this collection you can find vacation rentals and holiday homes all around the world, we’ll focus on a few vacation spots in the U.S. that have been some of our guest favorites over the past months. If you're looking for vacation ideas during Covid, and of course outdoor places to go during covid near me, look no further! If you're fed up of searching for places to go during COVID, then you need not stress any longer. Covid safe vacations are available here and will not disappoint. Simply check out these unique accommodations and choose your favorite vacation ideas during coronavirus. The best vacations during Covid can happen! No need to succumb to the doom and gloom, there's hope on the horizon, so why not celebrate by booking into your next glamping getaway! Vacation ideas during COVID 19!

From Lake Tenkiller rentals to Cherry Springs State Park camping and everything in between, find the best weekend getaways during COVID 19 here! Book Covid safe vacations today

Weekend getaways in Upstate NY

Let us help you find the best COVID getaways! New York State had a pretty rough few months when the coronavirus hit, but now that the curve is flattened in the state, it’s safe to move around and travel, responsibly of course. Check out Glamping Hub’s weekend getaways in Upstate New York for the perfect outdoors, no-crowds, virus-free, vacation. The Adirondack Mountains are the best playground after all those months spent cooped up in the house. Find Upstate NY cabins in places like Lake Placid, Saratoga Springs, Cooperstown, and more. Take your pick up getaways & Upstate New York cabins for this weekend. Pick from Lake George cabins, Catskill cabin rentals, lakehouse rentals, and so many more secluded NY vacation rentals. As of 7/20/2022, travel restrictions have eased across Upstate NY. Of course, at all New York attractions and tourism-related businesses, including campgrounds, trails, state parks, and more, still require social distancing and the use of face masks. While many businesses and parks have reopened, make sure to double-check any change in hours, days, or availability. Upstate NY vacations this summer can be filled with beach camping, fishing, hiking, paddling on the lake, and so much more. Browse our Upstate NY weekend getaways, from Niagara Falls to Hudson Valley to find beautiful places to go during covid near me! Book yourself COVID friendly vacations today and don't miss out.

Cherry Springs State Park camping in PA

As the country has come out of lockdown, another outdoor destination has become a popular place to book. New York’s neighbor to the southwest, Pennsylvania is home to some spectacular state parks, perfect for weekend getaways during COVID 19. While all the state parks in Pennsylvania have something to offer, our guests are loving Cherry Springs State Park camping. If you’re in Pennsylvania and searching for the best ‘state park near me,’ head for Cherry Springs, PA. Getaways here are ideal for times like these, where you can enjoy the fresh air and outdoor spaces away from any crowds or strangers. There are some great weekend getaways in PA, but Cherry Springs State Park takes the cake this time. Nearly as remote today as it was two centuries ago, Cherry Springs State Park is named for the large statins of black cherry trees in the. Spanning 48 acres, the park is surrounded by 262,000-acre Susquehannock State Forest, meaning there is a never-ending amount of outdoor adventure to be had here! Cherry Springs stargazing is a great way to spend a night here. Only the second international dark sky in the country, Cherry Springs State Park is a secluded destination away from all light pollution, for the untainted viewing of a dark night sky. Depending on your luck and the degree of cloud cover, you could catch a glimpse of the Milky Way, different constellations, asteroids, Venus, Omega Nebula, and even the Andromeda Galaxy. A state park camping trip here is sure to be the perfect counterpart to all the months spent locked inside.

Private lake cabins and Lake Tenkiller State Park camping in Oklahoma

Searching for pretty places to go during covid near me? Let us help. Oklahoma is a state that was relatively spared from any bad coronavirus outbreaks. As of the end of July 2022, the state has had under 35,000 cases and fewer than 550 deaths. Of course, as with all destinations, you must travel responsibly and be aware, but there are a few, secluded destinations in Oklahoma that are perfect for weekend getaways during COVID-19. Lake Tenkiller and its neighbor Tenkiller State Park are where we had in mind. Here, you’ll find almost 13,000 acres of water and 130 miles of shoreline, plus the scenic Illinois River. Tenkiller, Oklahoma is secluded in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains and is a beautiful outdoor location for a secluded weekend getaway. Not only is Lake Tenkiller a great place to go swimming or fishing, boating or paddling, but there is also a new Scuba Dive Park that features underwater attractions. Who knew you could go scuba diving in Oklahoma? The lake offers the perfect environment for every type of diver, from the most novice to the most experienced. All this and more is possible when you book Lake Tenkiller rentals or state park cabins with Glamping Hub!

Weekend trips from Seattle

All the way on the West Coast, the situation with the coronavirus is a little more precarious. While California is seeing rising cases and may be going into lockdown again soon, Seattle residents and Washingtonians are venturing out of the city for some respite. Find some of the best weekend trips from Seattle for your weekend getaways during COVID 19 and enjoy the peace and quiet and fresh air of the countryside. Browse our cabins on Orcas Island to explore the San Juan Islands and Puget Sound or make your way over to the Olympic Peninsula for a weekend spent on a national park camping trip. National park camping can also be found northeast of the city, if you head to the North Cascades National Park. With so many amazing outdoor destinations within easy reach of the city, Seattle getaways are the perfect thing for those looking for crowd-free, open-air spaces and vacation!