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Atlanta, Georgia is a booming and vibrant city where you can find great restaurants, art, and entertainment. It’s also a great gateway for exploring. Home to not only the largest airport in the country, living in Atlanta puts you within a short drive of Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, and North Carolina. With so many amazing weekend trips, Atlanta is a great place to be. While there are many places to visit out of state, there are also many weekend getaways from Atlanta nearby. From Lake Lanier to Allatoona Creek, Morgan Falls to Kennesaw Mountain, there are so many places to visit in Georgia right around the city. Georgia camping spots can be found less than an hour's drive from the city, so you have no excuse not to get outdoors this weekend. Kennesaw Mountain, which sits right outside of Marietta, was home to mound builders, the Creek, and the Cherokee peoples, and was the site of the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain in 1864 during the American Civil War. Today it is a National Battlefield Park and is a great place to mix history with the outdoors. Kennesaw Mountain camping is the perfect way to get outdoors and explore around Atlanta. What are you waiting for? The best weekend trips from Atlanta can be found here and are well worth a visit.

Kennesaw Mountain camping: Georgia weekend getaways

If you’re looking for places near Atlanta to go camping, Kennesaw Mountain is a great choice. It’s one of our favorite places to go camping in Georgia near the city, for a few reasons. Kennesaw Mountains rises from the rolling landscape that surrounds it and stands over the city and surrounding forest. The mountains and National Battlefield Park are home to more than 20 miles of trails. The mountain's remnant trenches, fortifications, and monuments are all that is left of the bloody Civil War battle fought here. Visit the Civil War monuments and memorials for a lesson in history while also on a great outdoor escape. Hike through grassy meadows, shady forests, and along meandering creeks when you visit Kennesaw Mountain. Check out paths like the Battlefield Trail, Cheatham Hill and Kolb Farm Loop Trail, Environmental Trail, or the 24 Gun Trail. Find the best Kennesaw Mountain camping & Georgia weekend getaways from Atlanta on Glamping Hub. When it comes to finding new campgrounds, fun places to visit, and the best Georgia vacation rentals, you can count on us. Book your weekend getaways from Atlanta today!


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