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Start planning your dream Tasmania adventure with this fabulous collection of Wineglass Bay-Freycinet accommodation options! Located in the sensational Freycinet National Park, along the east coast of Tasmania, Wineglass Bay is a spectacular white-sand beach that is sure to leave even the most avid beach goers speechless. Head to the Wineglass Bay Lookout to watch the sunrise. Spend the rest of the day snorkeling or diving in Sleepy Bay, or enjoying a leisurely paddle trip from Coles Bay. There are so many things to do in Freycinet National Park that you''re guaranteed to want to return again and again. Find your dream holiday rental now by looking into this incredible list of the best places to stay near Wineglass Bay, Tasmania. Choose from idyllic nature lodges, luxury villas, coastal cabins, and tons more, and get the perfect Tasmania getaway started! Book a Wineglass Bay accommodation today.

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