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The benefits that yoga provides for the mind, body and soul cannot be denied. Whether you’re a beginner or a yoga master, glamping yoga retreats are geared towards providing you with as relaxing and invigorating an experience as possible. Explore the mountains of Spain as you find yourself surrounded by cherry and almond trees with amazing views of the distant sea. Discover the beautiful valley that your accommodation is nestled in or take a cool dip in the nearby rivers and beaches. Enjoy off the grid life as you wonder through nature, meditate underneath the glorious sun and keep both your body and the surrounding nature clean and pure. It’s one thing to do your downward dogs in a classroom but it’s entirely different when you’re surrounded by woods of pine, chestnut and eucalyptus on all sides. Seclusion is a privilege we so rarely stop to appreciate so take advantage and find that inner peace you’ve been seeking for so long. Take a look at this collection of luxury yoga retreats, Europe will have you packing your yoga mat before you can say “namaste!”

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