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There is almost no match to the beauty of the Canadian backcountry. With eight distinct forest regions stretching across the thousands of miles from Quebec and Newfoundland in the east and British Columbia and Yukon in the West, it is hard to imagine a more enticing destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The best way to enjoy this sea of woodland is to rent a fabulous yurt. Rental options here are top of the line. What is a yurt, you ask? This is a circular shaped, Mongolian influenced tent that puts you right in the thick of it when you choose to go camping in one of them! Canada’s yurt accommodations are plentiful and each is tailored to its natural surroundings. Cozy in the winter, cool in the summer, surprisingly spacious, and incredibly strong. The best yurts Canada has give all of the basic comforts of home with one important extra…access to infinite outdoor adventure. So stop thinking about yurt camping Ontario and get out there and do it! Find and book the best yurt for rent Canada offers today!

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