Gros Islet

Once a small village, Gros Islet is now a town, due to an upsurge in tourism, that is located at the type of the island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean Sea. While the old district still lives on in all of its glory—a must-see for glampers—the real calling for Gros Islet is its priceless beaches, setting the scene for those who wish to relax on the sand all day long and for lovers of all water sports and activities. Dig into hearty males, including plenty of fresh seafood, on a daily basis; the island's national dish is saltfish and green banana. Glamping in Gros Islet will lead guests to a luxury resort with deluxe suites that cozy up to the pools and upscale cottages with views of the Gros Islet Bay. Prepare to be pampered, especially if you treat yourself to the glamping hub's onsite spa and beauty salon, while luxury camping in Gros Islet.