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The Eastern Cape is a province in South Africa with coastline all along the South Indian Ocean. There is much difference in temperature and landscape from one side of the province to the other; the western part is dry, while the east is much more subtropical and humid, experiencing much more rainfall than its western counterpart. Tourists flock to the Eastern Cape for many a reason, from its pristine beaches and mountains to its rainforests and wildlife, providing a little something for every type of traveler. Glamping in the East Cape is the recommended way to get the most out of your getaway—we're talking luxurious suites and safari tents right in the middle of game reserves and elephant parks. If firsthand access to South Africa's flora and fauna is what you seek, the Eastern Cape luxury camping sites will give you everything you're looking for: first-rate accommodations, you'll find luxury tents, cabins, yurts and more, located within all the beauty of the province's natural landscape right in your backyard.

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