Phoenicia camping: cabins for rent in Catskill Mountains

Phoenicia is a small hamlet that rests deep within the Catskill Mountains, and is somewhere that many people visit when they are looking for a camping trip that places them in the perfect proximity to a lush, mountain landscape, where a range of outdoor activities can be enjoyed. Though this area is particularly popular in the summertime and fall months, thanks to the vibrant colors that run through the trees, it can be enjoyed all year round. The nearby Esopus Creek adds something special to a daily hike, as you can walk across the floor of a deep gorge, and on the other side of the creek, Slide Mountain Wilderness awaits. Here, you can hike across forested mountain terrain, and you can experience nature to its fullest. Get your own Phoenicia cabins for your next vacation and enjoy the best of New York State Phoenicia camping is a perfect escape so check out these cabins.

Phoenicia cabins! For rent now and your next vacation

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