Rockland County

Glamping in Rockland County, which is just 15 miles northwest of Manhattan, is a lovely way to escape the stress of the city and to embark on your own little adventure. About one third of this county is parkland, and it boasts quite a varied landscape with elevations reaching 1,283 feet on Rockhouse Mountain, to sea level along the Hudson River. Trails for walking and hiking abound. These types of landscapes make luxury camping in Rockland County a true treat. By day, enjoy gems like Bear Mountain State Park, the Hudson River, and the Nyack Beach State Park. Go hiking, have an outdoor picnic, and explore the magnificent surroundings. Glamping in Rockland County is a chance to disconnect from any stress you might have back home, and to reconnect with what’s important. After a beautiful day enjoying the surroundings, you’ll come home to unique and beautiful accommodation. An outdoor shower, an inviting book, or a home-cooked meal will be the perfect way to end your day.